Thornbury Confidential

Thornbury cover (2)

My new novel Thornbury Confidential is available! First chapter is here. Or read a sample courtesy of Amazon.

When part-time private investigator Vox Swift gets called to the scene of a crime, she finds it’s no ordinary case. A dead elf, drugs, infidelity, and an old job tangle together and challenge Vox’s ability to solve the mystery. As the bodies pile up and the suspect list grows Vox has to decide who to trust – the beautiful new widow or the mysterious young mage. Sex, lies, magic, and murder … just a typical day in Thornbury.

A cold blooded murder, a hot widow, and too many suspects…

The elf had been cut in two. Not a magical murder then, which was too bad. I would have felt more at home with a magical murder. You know where you stand with magic. And Thornbury’s rife with magic. Too much magic for one city, but not enough to explain this murder.


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