The Soul Thief


Soul Thief cover large

Prologue sample here!  And thanks to Amazon, here’s a sample, too!

After a chance meeting in a crowded marketplace, a thief named Teaka Mote agrees to help a healer find her missing sister. A spark of attraction grows between the women as they journey across Orishea looking for answers. What they find is a tangle of magic, murder, and intrigue that threatens to destroy their budding romance.

Orishea is finally recovering from a devastating defeat against its northern neighbor, Sulesia. The two countries are at odds over religion, technology, and culture, and two wars have done nothing to resolve their differences.
Teaka, a veteran of both wars, washed up in Tolount, the Orishon capital, five years ago and found work with a local crime boss. Indira Burningwood, a healer of the religious group The Order, was sent to the capital to face punishment for disobedience. Their chance meeting sets off a chain reaction that may shape the future of the whole region.

From the capital city to the ruins of Maidenfont and beyond, they search for the truth of Indira’s missing sister and stumble into a conspiracy with roots that reach back into the history of Orishea. As unseen forces array against them Teaka and Indira must decide who they can trust, while their own secrets just might drive them apart.

Fans of epic fantasy, lesbian fiction, and vegan fiction will find a lot to enjoy in the novel.


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