The Girl in Gold

GirlInGoldThe new Vox Swift mystery is up on Amazon!  The Girl in Gold is book 2 of the series and wow was it fun to revisit the world of Thornbury.

I knew that I wanted to return to find out what Vox and Even and the others had been up to since the end of Thornbury Confidential. And I know that I will return again — book 3 is already brewing in the back of my mind.

I was fortunate to have the help of the very talented Taryn Costello for the cover. She’s agreed to redesign the cover for Thornbury so soon the books will have a matching vibe.

I have long been a fan of Agatha Christie. Her intricate mysteries are a wonder to behold. One of my favorites is The Body in the Library, and at the risk of spoiling Girl in Gold (GiG) for you, I lifted the major plot points from it for GiG. There’s that saying, “Good writers borrow; great writers steal.” Odds are good, though that you’d have to have read The Body in the Library recently or more than once (guilty on both counts!) in order to notice the patterns.

In this latest installment three months have passed since the events of Thornbury Confidential. Vox is still smarting from Marilye’s betrayal (um, spoiler!) and trying to keep the agency afloat with messenger work.

A theme that Agatha Christie just touches on, but really never explores in her books is class. The characters in her book are always upper class, unless they are the villains, of course. Or servants. But no one ever considers their status; one’s place in the social hierarchy is a given. And class is an interesting topic for me so I’m playing around with it in the book – rich people, servants, elves versus humans…

But all that aside, it’s a cracking fun Whodunnit. If you enjoy the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. It’s a huge help to me.


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