The Earth Hypothesis

I’ve been working on a science fiction piece — a novella — called “The Earth Hypothesis”. It’s been taking my time for months now, but I’ve truly enjoyed the journey.

I was inspired (spoiler alert!) by reading an article about gorillas in the wild disarming poachers’ traps. It captured my imagination, and I turned the idea over and over in my head. One day, while I was walking, a character popped into my head. She was a scientist, and a visitor to our world. I had to decide about 8 million things about Jhilly and the world she came from.

Being able to write about an alien race has been freeing. I am not bound to Earth history or culture, although Jhilly’s people, the Vaal have some things in common with human civilizations.

They are (on the whole) bellicose, thoughtless, proud, and strong. They rule a score of worlds and truly deserve the name Empire. Jhilly is in conflict with her culture on more than one front. She is gay, and she has begun to think that people should get to govern themselves.

When the story opens, Jhilly is on Earth looking for interesting plants to use in her research. She watches a group of gorillas disarm a trap, but she doesn’t understand what she’s seeing. Before she can delve deeper, she’s forced to return to her ship.

Of course that’s just the beginning and of course there is romance — lesbian romance! I love lesbian love stories — both writing them and living my own.


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