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Alien Race: The Vaal

The main character of The Earth Hypothesis is a Vaal. They are medium height, reptilian humaniods. Their heads are vaguely triangular and they have fleshy spikes along their jawline. When I began writing the novella, I knew that the main character was an alien to Earth. I knew that she could not breathe in our atmosphere, but I didn’t know anything else. When the main character, Jhilly, got back to her ship I realized I needed to know what kind of creature and well as what kind of person Jhilly was. The bellicose nature of the Vaal seemed like a …Read more »

The Earth Hypothesis

I’ve been working on a science fiction piece — a novella — called “The Earth Hypothesis”. It’s been taking my time for months now, but I’ve truly enjoyed the journey. I was inspired (spoiler alert!) by reading an article about gorillas in the wild disarming poachers’ traps. It captured my imagination, and I turned the idea over and over in my head. One day, while I was walking, a character popped into my head. She was a scientist, and a visitor to our world. I had to decide about 8 million things about Jhilly and the world she came from. Being …Read more »

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