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So Ends Day 9 of NaNoWriMo

Here it is, the end of day 9 of NaNoWriMo. I’m at 17,564 words. I’m a bit ahead of the game, which is good because I took the day off. The whole day. That’s the first time in weeks that I haven’t written something for the day. And I guess technically that’s not quite true. I actually edited a piece — part 2 of my space opera, The Earth Hypothesis. Edited and published it. Well, it’s still in review right now, but soon enough, it will be up and live. It’s up and available! Get it while the e-ink is …Read more »

Alien Race: The Vaal

The main character of The Earth Hypothesis is a Vaal. They are medium height, reptilian humaniods. Their heads are vaguely triangular and they have fleshy spikes along their jawline. When I began writing the novella, I knew that the main character was an alien to Earth. I knew that she could not breathe in our atmosphere, but I didn’t know anything else. When the main character, Jhilly, got back to her ship I realized I needed to know what kind of creature and well as what kind of person Jhilly was. The bellicose nature of the Vaal seemed like a …Read more »

The Earth Hypothesis

I’ve been working on a science fiction piece — a novella — called “The Earth Hypothesis”. It’s been taking my time for months now, but I’ve truly enjoyed the journey. I was inspired (spoiler alert!) by reading an article about gorillas in the wild disarming poachers’ traps. It captured my imagination, and I turned the idea over and over in my head. One day, while I was walking, a character popped into my head. She was a scientist, and a visitor to our world. I had to decide about 8 million things about Jhilly and the world she came from. Being …Read more »

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