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Running in the Rain

In a 1999 essay for the New York Times Joyce Carol Oates muses about running. She says: “Ideally, the runner who’s a writer is running through the land- and cityscapes of her fiction, like a ghost in a real setting.” I am beyond thrilled to know that I share a habit with one of the best (and most prolific) writers in the US. As I’ve said before, it’s a fairly new hobby for me, but one that has a great impact on my life, health, and art. These days I’m always wrestling with one story or another — at the …Read more »

Running and Writing

I’ve been running for almost exactly a year now. I never thought I’d write that sentence, I assure you. I always thought that people who ran must have a secret. I had tried running a few times, and I was panting after just a few seconds.  A friend told me about the Couch to 5k program, and I liked it. In those first few weeks, I’d get on my gear, lace up my shoes and focus my entire being on running. The prompts helped me build up stamina and learn to focus my breathing. For a long time I used …Read more »

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