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It’s 2015! and I resolve to do several things in the next 365 days. I’m usually not one for New Years resolutions, but Debbie and I both have big goals for the year and I like the idea of setting down my intentions. The first one is the obvious one — Write! I don’t think I can write more than I do now — not while working 40 hours a week at a day job. NaNoWriMo near about killed me. This picture is of me and our cat Dagma during November. It was probably 5am — I’ve got a death …Read more »

Hunting For Answers

I’m working on a new short story. I haven’t had the inspiration in weeks which I took as a good sign. I finished editing Soul Thief (again) and was back to Book 2 — Stalking Horse. And then I heard a little news story on recent episode of my favorite podcast about a wolf who had been killed and that got me to thinking about wolves and ranchers and the environment. Which led to me to looking at hunting rifle pictures on the internet. This one is about the most innocent one out there. Almost every other picture shows the victim who was killed …Read more »

How Many Golf Courses Are There in Katy, Texas?

Thank goodness for Google. I’m working on a sci-fi piece, and it’s set in the Houston area in 2006. I needed a golf course so I googled “Katy, Texas golf courses” Google didn’t let me down. And in case you’re curious, there are five.  Using the map feature I could look at the street layout and figure out what house I wanted for my character. With that figured out I happily went back to my story, only to be kicked out again a minutes later by the thought — but was the golf course there in 2006? Sigh. Back to Google …Read more »

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about research and what happens when the concrete information dries up, when reality has to give way to imagination. As a writer that’s maybe the best moment. I have to leap and hopefully soar within the story because there is no other choice. It’s also a critical moment in the life of the story. Research can be seductive. I remember talking with a coworker a few years ago, and she described this novel she was working on. In loving detail she described the research she’d done on Victorian women. But when pressed to discuss …Read more »

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