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Bone and Blood, part 1

This story begins with bone and blood. It’s only fitting to begin there because our world is littered with the bones of those who came before and the blood? Well, blood is the soul, isn’t it? It flows through you, and it flows through me and through all the Father’s creatures. Lys Rainwort went home to visit her parents. “Come home while you can, child,” her mother had written. “We want to see you.” Lys had just graduated, so the Order gave her leave for the visit. The journey from Lashand to Tremost had only taken two days because she …Read more »

Bone and Blood, part 2

Continued from Part 1…. Lys thought about it for a moment. You are going to have to explain to the Father Superior, so why not start practicing now? “I’ve discovered, at least I think I’ve discovered a miracle.” She paused and waited for the older woman’s reaction. “Huh. Is that a fact?” “Um, yes, you see I’ve discovered that animals have souls.” “Course they do! Stands to reason. You see a deer in the woods or a goose flying south for winter; they know what they’re about.” Lys raised her eyebrows. “You agree with me? I can’t believe it – …Read more »

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