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DREADful Storytelling

Dread is a great role-playing game (RPG). Sharing similar roots to my beloved Dungeons and Dragons, Dread is a 21st Century twist on the RPG genre. I wanted to talk about it here because it’s one thing to be a player in a role-playing game; it is another beast entirely to be the Game Master. Running a role-playing game is equal parts writer, actor, and referee. I’ve talked about how Dungeons and Dragons inspired my writing journey, but this is a whole other level. Dread doesn’t have dice. No armor class. No stats. You give your players a character questionnaire …Read more »

[meta] Looking Back Two Years

It”s been almost two years since I joined a group of women to play D&D every week. I”m a life-long gamer. I was bored with World of Warcraft. I liked playing D&D minis with my partner, Debbie but we both wanted to try playing Dungeons & Dragons, for real. We were already buying our minis from the best game store in town — , so when the store calendar showed a “ladies” group for D&D forming, we thought “Yeah, let”s try this out.”

[meta] Meet the new guy

So, meet the new guy. Yeah, guy. His name is Tad and this is a crappy picture of him. I know what you”re thinking — The Dungeon Divas let a guy play with them? It all started innocently.

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