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Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me How to write

I moved all my old Dungeons & Dragons journals to my main site today. For four years I played D&D with the same group of women — we called ourselves the Dungeon Divas. Mid 2007. I hadn’t played D&D since high school (class of ’83, baby!) I had recently gone cold turkey off World of Warcraft and I wanted to find a story just as immersive but not quite as soul-consuming. You’ll have to be the judge of whether or not D&D fit that bill. I was nervous to play face to face with people — strangers! (Except for Debbie) And really …Read more »

First Meetings

Someone was kind enough to lay out a cleric’s robe in a dwarf size. I’m now about a foot shorter than I used to be. This body is strong but squat. I feel wider than I used to be and after looking in the mirror, I don’t think it’s psychosomatic. As I stared at my reflection, I tried to see me in those dark eyes. The face shook its head while the hands caressed the beard. “I have a lot to learn about this body.” And peeing standing up is probably the least of my troubles.

Morgan, part 2

Sadi reached for the door handle. “Wait!” I tried not to sound too desperate. “Wait. Slow down. Why open that door right now? You could wait for your friends, right? I’m sure dragon girl is wiping the blood off her big honking sword right now. Just, just give it a minute, OK?” She turned and looked at me. Her face looked blank. “But you’re all I need. You’re some awesome archmage, yeah? We can take a couple of game playing orcs.” She paused and leaned towards me . “Unless you’re afraid.”

[meta] Looking Back Two Years

It”s been almost two years since I joined a group of women to play D&D every week. I”m a life-long gamer. I was bored with World of Warcraft. I liked playing D&D minis with my partner, Debbie but we both wanted to try playing Dungeons & Dragons, for real. We were already buying our minis from the best game store in town — , so when the store calendar showed a “ladies” group for D&D forming, we thought “Yeah, let”s try this out.”

Chapter One recap, part 1

Now that we are at the end of our first adventure (or perhaps I should say that we have ended a chapter of this story) I want to go back and wrap up the events that led us here. I joined this band in a little town on the edge of nowhere. The local folks (including an acquaintance of mine, the innkeeper, Frida) were nervous about a stranger who”d moved to the town. Strange lights, strange sounds, strange faces surrounded his house. The group lacked a main healer, so I joined up. It didn”t take us long to discover the …Read more »

My Past

In his later years my father became a rich man. His friends would slap him on the back, wink at me and say “Gold sticks to your father’s fingers; you are a lucky girl!” I was happier when we were poor. The long dusty days of walking behind the wagon, my sister, Persia, and I talking and laughing. My father was a rug salesman, a traveling rug salesman — the lowest rung on the ladder. I remember the laughter and the singing. I was eight when my brother Ahmad was born. He was early — we were far from a …Read more »

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