Rmongor Reports to Graz'zt

Oh Most Horrible Graz”zt, The Six-Fingered Grasp of Evil, Terror to Many, Ruler of the 507th Level of the Abyss, your humble servant Rmongor brings you tidings of his doings.

Upon your order,

I and my assistant Minyon traveled to the Plane of Mortals to halt the Cagewrights in their nefarious task to free your prized possession, Adimarchus, the Betrayer, the Two-Faced One.

Finding the hideout of the Cagewrights, what they refer to as The Fiery Sanctum, was easy. Truly, these mortals are too easy to overcome. Upon arrival, we found a group, fought with them, and forced them to surrender. They claimed to be the Dungeon Divas, and working against the Cagewrights as well. Since it suited our purposes, we agreed to work with them.

Our ways parted when they wanted to investigate a tunnel too small for our siege engine. Instead, continued Muscle Building Supplements Muscle growth buy-detox.com have evolved over the years. through the large tunnel, following the tracks deeper into the mine. At different points, we needed to carve our way through. The tunnel ended at a wall, obviously put there to thwart weaker beings. We burst through the wall in time to see the Dungeon Divas in the aftermath of battle.

Foolish beings were debating what to do to save the Marked Ones shackled in the tree. That and moaning over their fallen comrade. The Sun Worshipper. Sure, it would be difficult for these weak beings to continue without their healer.

Tree of Shackled Souls

They wasted much time and energy trying to break the tree, and get the Marked Ones free. After using magic to successfully get 6 of them, they invited me to join them above ground. I offered instead to guard the tree.

When the Divas were gone, I killed the rest of the Marked Ones in the tree. No longer can the Cagewrights use the Marked Ones energy to open the gate to Carceri. Without the gate, they cannot find Skullrot, they cannot free Adimarchus.

We will further ensure the failure of the Cagewrights” plan by tracking and killing the other 6 Marked Ones, the ones the Divas freed. They cannot be allowed to roam and be recaptured for a second attempt.

Your Treasure shall be safe for another 500 years.

Respectfully submitted,



3 thoughts on “Rmongor Reports to Graz'zt

  1. They were demons! Indira’s evil meter was off the scale when they met. Of course, you’ve missed the last few sessions to find out what happened after the parting. That and when you met them it was September in real time…

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