Rest in Peace, Sadi

I had thought that we were heading into a deeper darkness; for Sadi it is ultimate darkness. There is nothing that any of us could have done. The monster was huge and fast! Even now I”m not sure I have the words. One moment she was there,

fighting against a giant skeleton and the next, the light was extinguished.

I sit here, beside the bed where we have her laid out. I”ve cast a stabilizing spell so that her body will not rot. I know I”m not the only one with hope that she might be resurrected. I wish that I could do it, but that gift is beyond me for now.

The zombie spiders should have been a clue that we were over our heads. I tried turning those nasty creatures and all they really did was lead us to death. They did flee from me and that felt great. I hate spiders.

Elvis took off after them and ran into a giant skeleton. The hallway widened into a cavern and the cavern held the monster. It also held a wand. Elvis has some great moves — he was able to dodge the monster and grab the wand. Cinder climbed up the wall using the spider webs. She was able to cross the room at ceiling level while Elvis danced with the monster. I have had no experience with skeletons until now. Bones are strong. It”s hard to kill something that is already dead. About the time I was having that brilliant thought, Sadi was bitten in half by the monster. Its jaws were bigger than the hallway. It was a moment”s work for him to BITE and Sadi was dead.

I was worried about Cinder. The monster was between her and the rest of the party. I shouted to her, “Come back! Join us.” I prepared to distract the monster so she could come to us in safety. Cinder waved me off and Buzz grabbed my tunic. “We can meet up with her. There are other hallways! Don”t throw your life away!”

Elvis grabbed Sadi”s body and we fled back down the hall. Was there ever a more dejected group of heroes? With Buzz”s help, we found another hallway (one without spiders, living or dead, thank Pelor) that brought us to Cinder. There was another wand nearby, but we needed rest and food. Cinder showed us what looked like Tarkelar”s unused bedroom. You could see where an explosion had happened — the explosion that killed Tarkelar.

The room seems to be secure. We laid Sadi out on the one bed. That seems right, somehow. Our mission is bigger than any one of us, so I know that we cannot go back to Cauldron unless we have all of the wands. We are still three wands shy. Can we leave Sadi here until we have finished with our job? I wonder if I have a spell that will ward her from interference? I think I would go mad if we left her and came back to an empty room. Pelor, guide me through this night and help me bring the dawn with righteous fury.


2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Sadi

  1. Buzz says:
    I was lost and just needed a way to make money. I joined the Alleybashers as a way to make a quick handful of gold pieces and got hired by Tirel. The things I saw while working as her bodyguard turned my stomach, but it was money.

    Then this group came, and they are so strong in their friendships. Tirel had partners, sure, but they were scheming against each other, always looking to take advantage.

    This group, one of them dies, and they still move forward. They discuss how to save her, even give her the comfortable bed. They have taken me prisoner, but only by their noble deeds and reasoned arguments. I can help them and feel good about it, not like I ever felt helping Tirel.

    I can’t imagine they will want to keep me as one of their team. But I will do what I can to help.

  2. Oh Buzz, you are not alone in doing the wrong thing for money. It drives many people down the wrong path. The help you have given to us shows that you DO know how to do good in the world. I trust you. Pelor knows what is in your heart. I will speak to the others about getting you a weapon of your own. We each find our path to redemption; I think yours begins right here & now.

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