On the river

Once outside of Red Gorge, at the mouth of the river, we took one of the feather tokens and pop! We had a swan boat.

We climbed in. It was huge! Even Obi could come with us. Ragnara climbed onto the head of the boat, like a figure head. She seemed to enjoy being out at the very front. The current was swift and in about a half day we were there.

We”re a bigger bunch than we were a few days previous. We picked up a swordswoman named Faydra. She”s a ranger by profession but she fights close, so she”s a welcome addition. We also find ourselves with another bard. That”s an interesting story all by itself:
There we were at the Red Roof Inn in Red Gorge. After we”d talked with the Chisel and eaten our fill of Mickey Mac”s amazing food (best curly fries west of Cauldron!)we sat and listened to the bard sing her songs. At one point she came over and asked if we had requests. I asked for the Pelorian hymn “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.” She sang it beautifully.

I had second watch, after Ragnara. As I came out to relieve her, I heard her talking with someone. It was the bard. She”s very beautiful. I couldn”t help but notice that. She was saying, “But I really want to join your group! I want adventure.”
Ragnara turned to me and said “She promise mutton. She hired.” I smiled, patted Raganara”s shoulder and sent her off to sleep.

Submera, that is the bard”s name, told me all about her life in Red Gorge and about how she”s followed our exploits. And about her desire to join us. I told her that I would talk with the others and at breakfast, we would see.

In the morning Ragnara had her mutton, as promised. That alone went a long way with me in liking Submera. We questioned her. Cinder and Sadi were both indifferent. Acgar was uneasy. Faydra, still so new herself, stayed quiet. Myntilly was unsure. We asked for time alone. As the bard walked away, I cast dispel magic. and Acgar cast detect evil.

Acgar murmured to herself: “There”s something……” I leaned over Faydra to hear better.
“You feel something? Tell me!”
“There is evil. Is it her? Is it on her?” Acgar shook her head. “I”m not sure. I need more time.”
I motioned Submera over. “What”s with the evil?” I blurted out.
Her smile fell. “Oh. You can tell? I. I don”t like to tell people but I was cursed by an evil faerie at birth.” In a few words she sketched out her cursed life. Parents dead, family scattered to the winds.
I searched her eyes, looking for truth. I sensed the others doing the same. I took a deep breath and said, “That is the saddest thing I”ve ever heard.” Then I stood up and gave her a big hug.

It was nice to have a bard on the boat trip. She told funny stories and related the embellished stories she”d heard of our adventures.
We landed just about 3pm beside a 20 foot headless statue. So far the metal map was accurate.

Myntilly and Ragnara formulated a plan to put the head back on the statue. Myntilly levitated both half-orc and head. Ragnara was about half way up the statue, or a little more, when arrows started flying through the air. Ambush! Myntilly, Ragnara and Acgar all were hit with arrows. Everyone was still on their feet.

We flew into action. Sadi and Cinder drew their bows, looking for targets. Faydra whirled around when she realized that one of the arrows had come from behind her. Her blades flashing at the assailant.

Myntilly, even with an arrow in her arm, carefully lowered Ragnara to the ground before letting loose a lightning spell. Ragnara, with her feet on the ground, yanked the arrow from her side and charged at the gnoll nearest her. Unfortunately it was the same one that Myntilly had just incinerated.

Once the other two gnolls saw what had happened, they surrendered. We talked with them for a few minutes and we parted ways. Onward to find Alek!


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