My friend Ragnara

Meet my new friend Ragnara. Yeah, she’s half-orc.

A few days ago, when we were still in Cauldron, Kiriyana got very quiet after dinner one night. Then she started talking about how much she missed the open sky and the quiet of a mountain pass. How she needed a lot of alone time. It sounded so like the speech I’d given to my fiance that I blurted out “You’re breaking up with us?” She laughed but nodded her head.

“But…..” She said slowly, “I did meet someone who could be a great replacement. Her name is Ragnara. I think you’ll like her. I told her to stop by sometime tomorrow. Is that OK?”

When the knock on the door came, I’d almost forgotten about the mysterious replacement. I opened the door to a thin, elvish-looking woman. She was wearing an elaborate hat and I thought, “Another bard? Really?” She seemed a bit odd to me, but I figured she was some sort of half-elf or something. I was doubting Kiriyana’s judgment. This was a good fit for our group?

I don’t remember what I said, but I made her laugh and she slapped me on the back. The hand that hit me was no elven hand, I’ll tell you that. I almost fell over, she hit me with such force. And it was like a curtain going up, suddenly I saw a half-orc female in front of me. She had a frightened look on her face and so I said, “Green is my favorite color.”
She laughed even harder and took off her hat. Then everyone could see that she was a half-orc.

The affection and respect I felt for Ohme and Ohboi made it easy for me to look at Ragnara as a person and not a beast. She’s a fine companion. I am proud to walk beside her.


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