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We’re (possibly) nearing the end of our Shackled City journey. I say possibly because as I said to Michelle last week — I was promised level 20 when I signed on. I’m just level 14 so that means that Shackled City can’t be over! She laughed, rolled her eyes and said “That’s if you do every little side quest!”
But, when we are done with Shackled City, Michelle is ready to put down the DM books and pick up a character sheet.

So here I am contemplating another night as guest DM. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone yet — I really enjoyed the one time I did it — but I’m not sure I’m very good. For my adventure set in Cauldron (at the tavern called Mary’s) I used a battlemap from our mini’s game. I think for my next try behind the screen, I’ll invest in some dungeon tiles.

I was delighted to find a great post about using tiles from a fellow RPG blogger — Sly Flourish. He’s playing 4e, but the ideas are the same.

We use a wet erase mat now, but I am not so good with stuff like that — I can’t draw; my proportions are all wrong….  dungeon tiles were made for people like me. And at $10 for a set of 30 tiles, I can just about convince my accountant (Debbie) that it’s a good investment!


One thought on “[meta] Dungeon Tiles

  1. Beth, If you have some pictures or scenes you like, I can print them on my 1″ grid paper. Then I can laminate them. Ha! Of course, the scenes you like can’t be larger than 11×17 because that’s the size of printer and lamination I have.

    Don’t worry about not being any good. When I took up the DM mantle 2.5 years ago, it was definitely rocky but it still worked.


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