Meeting Minutes – Thirteen Summit

h2>Minutes from the Thirteen Summit

Location: House Rhiavadi
Present: Thirfane Rhiavadi, Khyron Bonesworn, Thearynn Louvel, Gau Kleeoch, Nabthatoron, Kaurophon, Zarn Kyass, Ssythar Nahazir, Shebeleth Regidin, Nulin Wiejeron, Kyann Winterstrike
Absent: Dyr'ryd, Alurad Sozizan, Skaven Umbermead, Fetor Abradius, Embril Aloustinai, Oskar Vhalantru
Minutes submitted by: Kaurophon


Thirfane began the Summit with a fine dinner. During this time, Cagewright members were introduced to one another and discussed their roles in torgchart13he organization.

An Organization Chart was presented to all members present. Until now, operatives have conducted their business in isolated cells. Some connections between members had been previously established, but a full picture of the organization had not been revealed. The Thirteen are identified in yellow, their assistants (when applicable) are in green. Those in grey are dead.

The Cagewrights are divided into four departments: Development, Historical Lore, Safety and Security, Cagebuilding. A representative from each department presented information.

Historical Lore Report

Shebeleth presented a brief history of our organization and its mission. Approximately 700 years ago, demons from the Demonskar raged in battle against Redgorge. These demons, led by Nabthatoron, were defeated. However, they managed to create hybrid descendants who spread throughout the land. This line of descendants become The Marked Ones.

Summitslide4Approximately 75 years ago, Dyr’ryd (bottom right) heard the message from Adimarchus. In a quest for power, he founded the Cagewrights. Our organization has been tasked with opening a portal from Carceri to free Adimarchus from his prison.

At this point, Phase I is complete. The Marked Ones, descendants of the demonspawn, have been identified. Thirteen of them are collected. Through careful study at Karran Kural, Fetor Abradius has understood how to complete the ritual. This has been at some cost to his sanity. However, we have been able to understand messages from Adimarchus as well as the stories of the Spellweavers who were in the region 3000 years ago.

Cagebuilders Report

Nabthatoron presented on behalf of the Cagebuilders. Using information from Thearynn and Fetor, cages were forged from platinum. Forging occurred in three different locations to avoid detection (the Demonskar, the Kopru Ruins, and the Dixie Mattress Company). A structure for these cages, the Tree of Shackled Souls, required materials to be shipped through Drakthar’s Way. Everything has run smoothly; the Tree is in the Fiery Sanctum awaiting the final Ritual.

Safety and Security Report

Gau presented for Safety and Security. The city of Cauldron is sedated. The Stormblades are broken, the Mayor has been eliminated, and the half-orc (provided by Zarn Kyass) are keeping the city under control. However, plans must be made to eliminate the Divas who continue to plague us.


This graph compares our power to those who would challenge us. We incorporated the Yin Yang Gang into our plans, so they are no longer a threat. The Stormblades interfered with some of our cagebuilding last year. Thankfully, Orbius was able to send them on a fatal mission recently. The Divas were a mild annoyance until last winter when they began to investigate and learn our plans. They are now targeting members of our organization becoming an increasing threat.

Development Report

Khyron presented on behalf of Development. The undead we



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