Horns of a Dilemma

I dropped my pack to the ground. No one was listening to me. What a dilemma. I could totally go on my own. Make it to Cauldron. Get Indira back. Easy. But I’d be leaving the Divas without a healer. What would Indira do? I closed my eyes for a moment. The sounds of Ian and Sadi talking fading away.

I’d seen Indira fight for what she believed in.

I’d seen her convince the group to take actions beyond their normal scope. I don’t have that kind of charisma. Obviously. I could talk until I’m blue in the face and they are not going to hear.

Sadi had dropped her bag of holding while she helped Ian with one of the cages. Without thinking I walked over and grabbed the bag. No one was pay attention. Myntilly was standing back and directing the group’s efforts to free some of the caged people. Durilin and Ian would pause to discuss some fine point of construction. I admire them. I really do. They have the force of conviction that freeing those people is the way to save Cauldron. I have my conviction, too.

I sorted through the bag of holding. I needed some decent leather armor, a dagger or two, what happened to those boots of spider climb? I needed water….. no I don’t. Gah, I forget that I can make water. Clerics can create water. Silly how you forget things sometimes.

I placed the items beside my bag. Everything I was doing was right there, in plain sight. I wasn’t stealing. I’d helped get this stuff and so if I took my share early, well, so what?
My hand closed on the bag of jewels. I’d need a cool 10k to pay for Indira’s resurrection. I don’t know what any of this stuff is worth. I’m not that kind of rogue. I mean, I wasn’t that kind of rogue. But I couldn’t be caught short on cash. I took the whole jewel bag.

I went over the plan in my mind. Slip out, head for the elevator. Once in Cauldron, head for the Temple and Kristoff. I stood to put the leather armor on. Only one dagger, but with the mace in one hand and dagger in the other….. hmmmm, I considered putting my cleric robe on over the armor. That would certainly give me a few extra seconds to pounce or run, depending on the enemy.

As I was contemplating the robe idea, I heard Sadi call my name. “Buzz, you ready? Oh good, you got the bags. We’re ready to head to the elevator.”


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