for Debbie

for Debbie

“If you value your freedom, do not reveal that my face is the prison of love.”
Leonardo da Vinci

six years ago, and a day,
i trapped you in my prison of love. you didn’t
know at first that it was a prison,
relaxed and easy enough to slip through
the wrought iron of society.
you felt the cold metal first on a January
night when i couldn’t stare you away
from the guy
your dad said was so good
for you. couldn’t stare him away
or declare my love aloud in the parking lot
and had to watch you pass
pass back through the other side.

later, in the spring when you knelt
in the snow and pressed your hand
into the wound in my side to see
if my love would bleed, you
sprang the door of my prison
& stepped inside.


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