First Annual Diva Scavenger Hunt

My stint as GM ended early. I really thought I had at least one more session but you know how it is — sometimes the players choose the right path every time. I was stunned to have them finish the Gala quest line so soon. That meant that Angel needed a chance to read over her adventure and prep for it. That gave us a week off. Taj suggested a Diva themed scavenger hunt and we all enthusiastically agreed.

We had to wear our Diva tees. Olivia, as Diva in training, ended up making her own, but it turned out fabulously. Plaid duct tape, who knew?

We gather round and divided into teams. Angel and I paired up. Sarah with Olivia , Michelle (with her ward, Carol) and Tad. Three teams, one objective and an hour to fulfill the mission. Dum-dum-DUM! We got the lists. Lovingly scroll-ized by Taj.

It was a great list. It included hits from our time in Cauldron as well as recent entries from our time in the Black. Legos, flour, Orak’s bathhouse soap, dragons, plot points and rubber duckies….. All that was missing was the Mayor of Cauldron himself!

Sarah pauses for a moment of silence at the site of the burning of the Wee Jas temple.

Because you never know when there’ll be skulks around, I got my bag of flour ready to throw.

Carol successfully bluffs the Home Depot lady by asking for Alpha-Centuri printer paper. W00t!

In an homage to pun-master Tad, Michelle calls lightning.

We had to find a dragon and give candy to a stranger. We combined these on the assumption that this dragon was a stranger to Angel. She looks suitably worried at the prospect.

We had on the list, “D-VA” and since none of us had the actual ship handy, Sarah and Olivia had the most clever idea.

Taj did a wonderful job of listing items we could find in easy distance of Guardian Games. One of these was Jefferson!

Taj set up base camp at Guardian and let the photos roll in!

One of the items was a Lego weapon being used. Angel quickly assembled a Lego hammer and threatened me with it. Scary.

Olivia with her dragon — sweet Hamouk, who saved my bacon more than once.

Handsome Tad with his dragon.

We had to get “5 minis painted all alike.”
Brilliant Angel thought of the lotto pencils at Sheridan Fruit Company.

Sarah gets full marks for composition. She has two unique props –(from left)  a giant mole of science, the death gaze frog and a Lego (her own) using a Lego weapon (not that Imago is any great shakes with a pistol. She’s a doctor not a marksman!).

At game’s end, Taj began the tally process.

We decided to hang out and wait the results…..  It was close. So close that Taj & Jim called in an impartial third judge….. The results:

Me & Angel = 3rd place (sigh)
Sarah and Olivia = 2nd place
Tad, Michelle and Carol = 1st place and all the bragging rights you can eat.


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