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The Best Game

Whenever someone asks me about Dungeons and Dragons (and sometimes even when they don’t) I tell them, “It’s the best game, ever.” And I mean that, sincerely, truthfully, wholeheartedly. There are so many parts to love about D&D, and I would be hard pressed to name a single one. At any given moment, it might be the collaboration, or the storytelling, or the randomness, or the strategy. Or maybe the friendships, the laughter, the gripping moments of uncertainty for a character’s fate. I first played Dungeons and Dragons (technically Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) in 1982. I was a junior in …Read more »

DREADful Storytelling

Dread is a great role-playing game (RPG). Sharing similar roots to my beloved Dungeons and Dragons, Dread is a 21st Century twist on the RPG genre. I wanted to talk about it here because it’s one thing to be a player in a role-playing game; it is another beast entirely to be the Game Master. Running a role-playing game is equal parts writer, actor, and referee. I’ve talked about how Dungeons and Dragons inspired my writing journey, but this is a whole other level. Dread doesn’t have dice. No armor class. No stats. You give your players a character questionnaire …Read more »

Review: Emerald Empire

It”s good to dust off old books and give them a new shine sometimes and that”s what Alderac has done — they first came out with a source book called Emerald Empire for the 3rd edition of Legend of the Five Rings RPG in 2008. It has stayed popular in the ensuing years, so when the new 4th edition of L5R came out, well of course they had to reboot this valuable source book, too. As always, I cannot say enough about how beautiful the books are. The paper, the binding and the illustrations are a delight for the senses. …Read more »

Props, Props, Props

We didn’t get to use all the amazing props that Sarah created for our last Serenity adventure. They looked amazing and I wanted to show off a few of them….

First Annual Diva Scavenger Hunt

My stint as GM ended early. I really thought I had at least one more session but you know how it is — sometimes the players choose the right path every time. I was stunned to have them finish the Gala quest line so soon. That meant that Angel needed a chance to read over her adventure and prep for it. That gave us a week off. Taj suggested a Diva themed scavenger hunt and we all enthusiastically agreed. We had to wear our Diva tees. Olivia, as Diva in training, ended up making her own, but it turned out …Read more »

[meta] Dungeon Tiles

We’re (possibly) nearing the end of our Shackled City journey. I say possibly because as I said to Michelle last week — I was promised level 20 when I signed on. I’m just level 14 so that means that Shackled City can’t be over! She laughed, rolled her eyes and said “That’s if you do every little side quest!” But, when we are done with Shackled City, Michelle is ready to put down the DM books and pick up a character sheet. So here I am contemplating another night as guest DM. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone yet — …Read more »

[meta] Looking Back Two Years

It”s been almost two years since I joined a group of women to play D&D every week. I”m a life-long gamer. I was bored with World of Warcraft. I liked playing D&D minis with my partner, Debbie but we both wanted to try playing Dungeons & Dragons, for real. We were already buying our minis from the best game store in town — , so when the store calendar showed a “ladies” group for D&D forming, we thought “Yeah, let”s try this out.”

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