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Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me How to write

I moved all my old Dungeons & Dragons journals to my main site today. For four years I played D&D with the same group of women — we called ourselves the Dungeon Divas. Mid 2007. I hadn’t played D&D since high school (class of ’83, baby!) I had recently gone cold turkey off World of Warcraft and I wanted to find a story just as immersive but not quite as soul-consuming. You’ll have to be the judge of whether or not D&D fit that bill. I was nervous to play face to face with people — strangers! (Except for Debbie) And really …Read more »

Dyskko Performance: Divas Epilogue

Cauldron – 3 months after the seismic events In a special performance , Dyskko added a new installment to his ongoing saga of the Dungeon Divas.  Known for what he calls “”special effects,” his story-telling incorporates bardic magic to make you feel you are part of the story. In true Dyskko style, audience members felt the heat of Moltenwing the Dragon.  They cried along with Buzz, as he wondered what to do after the death of his mentor, Indira.  The audience cheered when the Divas freed the Shackled Ones from the Great Tree.

Next: Serenity RPG

To quote Spinal Tap, “I hope you like our new direction.” We finished Shackled City. Yep. It is done. The stats are impressive: Time on campaign: 2 years, 2 months. Body count: Sadi (twice), Myntilly (once), Indira (once), Ilyea (once), Ragnara (once) for a total of 6 deaths. For a meat grinder like Shackled City I’d say that means our DM was incredibly generous with us.

Rmongor Reports to Graz'zt

Oh Most Horrible Graz”zt, The Six-Fingered Grasp of Evil, Terror to Many, Ruler of the 507th Level of the Abyss, your humble servant Rmongor brings you tidings of his doings. Upon your order, I and my assistant Minyon traveled to the Plane of Mortals to halt the Cagewrights in their nefarious task to free your prized possession, Adimarchus, the Betrayer, the Two-Faced One.

Eye to Eye, part 2

The beholder flew out of sight. There was a moment of silence. Ian crouched by the door. “I’m going in.” Myntilly nodded. “Left or right?” Ian jerked his head left. “I’ll go right.” Sadi smiled. “I’m going straight!” And she ran into the room and half way up the far wall. Myntilly ran right and jumped behind a table, pulling it over as a shield. Ian crouched by a half wall. Orbius’ eye stalks tried to take all the movement in. I closed my eyes. “Pelor. Pelor shine your light upon us. It is our darkest hour.” Acgar hefted her …Read more »

Eye to Eye With Orbius, part one

We were still arguing about books, their merits and flaws, hen we entered a chamber filled with statues. The figures depicted were demons of the Underdark. Ian peered up at what looked like a Farastu demon. “Hmmm, incredibly life-like. Indira, don’t cast any stray restoration spells, eh?” I walked over. They were very life-like. “You think these are just petrified creatures?” On the opposite side of the room Myntilly was studying a painting. It showed Cauldron under a fiery sky. “It’s hard to say but I think this is a Betelle. It has his distinctive brush strokes. This is not …Read more »

The Spa of My Enemy

We stood outside the fire warden’s door for a minute, weapons raised. And nothing happened. “Well, that turned out OK.” “You mean the way we didn’t die? Yes, that was quite clever.” Acgar patted my shoulder. “How much did you give her?” Sadi was rummaging through one of the bags of holding. “Um, it was…. I dunno. Whatever I had left after the Myntilly thing.” I gestured vaguely, not wanting to bring up the resurrection. “Ladies? Shall we move on?” Iam and Brus stood at the next doorway. Myntilly looked at the sigil on the door and read out a …Read more »

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