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The Girl in Gold

The new Vox Swift mystery is up on Amazon!  The Girl in Gold is book 2 of the series and wow was it fun to revisit the world of Thornbury. I knew that I wanted to return to find out what Vox and Even and the others had been up to since the end of Thornbury Confidential. And I know that I will return again — book 3 is already brewing in the back of my mind. I was fortunate to have the help of the very talented Taryn Costello for the cover. She’s agreed to redesign the cover for Thornbury …Read more »

Running in the Rain

In a 1999 essay for the New York Times Joyce Carol Oates muses about running. She says: “Ideally, the runner who’s a writer is running through the land- and cityscapes of her fiction, like a ghost in a real setting.” I am beyond thrilled to know that I share a habit with one of the best (and most prolific) writers in the US. As I’ve said before, it’s a fairly new hobby for me, but one that has a great impact on my life, health, and art. These days I’m always wrestling with one story or another — at the …Read more »

The Soul Thief

I am beyond thrilled to be able to post here that the novel is done! Written, edited, polished, edited, polished, read, and published! Below is the cover image. I had the honor of working with a really talented artist named Megan Hutchison on the cover. She took my rough ideas and made them a reality. I started writing this story on April 14th, 2012, and I was scared to death. I had just recently admitted to myself that my dream was to be a writer. You know how people talk about deathbed regrets — that would have been my regret, that …Read more »

The Soul Thief: A First Look

My novel, The Soul Thief will be coming out in a few weeks. It’s a fantasy novel, and in my opinion the best fantasy novels begin with a map and end with a glossary The action takes place on the continent of Sarana. It was almost totally unified at one point under the Rhoshundari Empire. But several hundred years ago, the Empire was broken. Almost all of the action in The Soul Thief takes place in the country of Orishea. Its neighbor to the north is Sulesia, and it shares a border to the south with Vatiba and a eastern …Read more »

Animal Rights Books

We’ve been vegan for a year and a half now and I realized that I needed to educate myself about animal rights more. Before going vegan, I’d been a vegetarian for years and years and somehow, I just blocked out the suffering of the chickens and the cows who provided me with eggs and milk and cheese. So while I consider myself an ethical vegan and an animal activist, I don’t know my talking points well yet. Hence the stack of books in the living room. Our library has a good selection, and I figured checking them out before buying …Read more »

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