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Assassin’s Creed 4 & PETA

I can only assume (she says wryly) that PETA read my entry about violence and gaming because they are now giving Ubisoft hell for adding whaling to the latest installment of Assassin’s Creed.  For PETA — and of course, for me — this is akin to adding slave-owning as a goal in a pre-Civil War game. Can you imagine the uproar if Ubisoft had included slave-owning in Assassin’s Creed 3, which is set in Colonial times? Or, also apropos, slave-owning in this latest iteration, which is set in the early 18th Century in the Caribbean. Can you imagine unlocking an achievement …Read more »


Some years I watch the Superbowl; some years I don’t, but I usually catch the commercials. It was an off year for me, but I “heard” about the Budweiser commercial “Brotherhood” from seeing tweets about it and how choked up people got by it. So I had to watch. It’s a beer commercial. It’s wrapped up in a narrative that’s supposed to tug at your heart, but it’s a beer commercial. But kudos to the ad agency that produced it because it is an excellent piece of propaganda. From choosing Stevie Nicks’ Landslide as the background song to the whole premise of the narrative, …Read more »

Solace in Make Believe

I’ve been indulging in a lot of make-believe lately. Every chance I get I’ve retreated to my own fantasy world. Not the one you might expect — not the one with the magic, although I love that world, too. This fantasy world has a lot in common with the America I live in now. With one slight difference: people don’t eat animals. In my fantasy, starting in 2006 climate change was taken seriously, and it started a food chain reaction that slowly built as factory farms were eliminated and animal products become prohibitively expensive. In my fantasy world, by 2016, …Read more »

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