At the Sign of the Lotus Dragon

water taxiWe had an idea about where the Mayor had been, thanks to Various” locate person spell. We had to take the vaporetto to the next island. When we”d asked Rumbleguts about the area, he”d simply shaken his head and said, “Not an area I”d go. Not without about a dozen strong men.”

water taxi 2Brus seemed to enjoy the ride. He got to sit up in the cabin with the captain. Buzz went upstairs too. I was happy to stay safely in the middle of the boat.

When we got off, we could see what Rumbleguts meant. Although it was quite early, the other parts of the city had been bustling with life as the markets opened and the townspeople began their day. This area, however, was silent. Few people moved about on the streets.

We found the building indicated on Various” map. There was a faded sign over the door, hanging by one chain. It said “Lotus Dragon” and you could see a faint picture of a dragon coiled around a flower. The windows on the ground floor were bricked over and the second floor windows looked grimy with age, or perhaps blackened on purpose.

There was no one on the street. I said a quick prayer and tried the door handle. It was locked, but at least it hadn”t been trapped! We really need to recruit a rogue. “Ian! Can you come chime this door?” A voice at my elbow said, “I”m right here.”

When the door was open, we could see a passage way. “That”s odd,” online casino Ian said almost to himself. “What? What did you say?” Sadi came up beside us. “Well, it”s just that the walls look newer than the floor or the far wall. It”s like, those walls on the side are false.” Sadi picked up a stone from the sidewalk. “Think it”s a trap?” And she threw the stone into the passage. Nothing happened. “Alright. I”m going in.” As Sadi stepped in the room, arrows flew from both directions. A few of them struck her, but she was on her feet and sounded more annoyed than hurt. I immediately threw up a windwall to deflect anymore arrows.

I felt something pass by me and with a glance back figured out that Myntilly had gone invisible. Acgar came up beside me and Buzz said, “I”ve got the street. Go on.” Acgar stepped in and to the right, jabbing her spear into an narrow slit int he wall. Sadi was already jamming an unlit torch into the far hole. Ian looked at the holes and walked right in, because he was shorter than the height of the holes. He went to the far end, where there was a door. He opened it and was immediately slammed by several crossbow bolts. Luckily most of them were aimed too high.

brus 1Acgar”s spear jabs flushed out one of the snipers. He popped out a hidden door on my right. I called searing light down on him and he fell back through the door. Suddenly a sniper appeared on my left side!

Brus slammed past me and reared up at the man. I rocked back against the front door frame. I felt the power well up in me and I called upon Pelor”s power again. Searing light came from my fingertips and the man fell.

We had a moment to regroup. As I was healing Sadi, I heard Myntilly”s voice at the far doorway. “I don”t detect any magic, so I don”t think the crossbows will reload or anything. It”s a clever little trap…. Wait here. I”m going to take a look ahead.”

We saw a curtain to the left move and then heard a tinkling sound, like little bells. And in the next moments, arrows came flying.

curtains 2We were all feeling a bit annoyed, I think. I strode into the room, saying a prayer of protection. “I am the blessing of Pelor.”

I pulled back the curtains only to see more of the rust colored curtains. “Oh for god”s sake!” I went to the closest curtain and wrenched it back. I startled the man with the bow so I was able to swing my mace and knock him to the floor.

Myntilly shot at another of the shooters as he emerged to attack Acgar.


Which was good because Acgar was fully focused on the man in front of her. Sadi and Brus didn”t have a chance to help, the fight was over so quickly.

Ian stood at the bottom of a set of stairs. He pointed to himself and then pointed upwards. Sadi shook her head and motioned back. We all regrouped on the far side of the big curtain. [to be continued…..]


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