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The Soul Thief sample — the prologue

  Prologue A wooden wagon filled with refuges from Breckenful creaked down a dirt path. One woman sat half a head taller than the others. She stared at the passing trees with tired eyes. Her face had streaks of soot where she’d pushed hair from her eyes with dirty fingers. She did so again and looked at her hand. Her fingernails were crusted with dark matter – probably some blood mixed in with the soot. In the early morning light it was hard to tell and for that the woman was thankful. A young girl on her right muttered something, …Read more »


I just did something fun and potentially cool. I just singed up for Penflip.        This is a site for collaborative writing and versioning. It was inspired by the programmers haven Github. Since my sweetie has been up to her eyeballs is learning code, I hear about Git and its Hub quite a bit. Debbie thought that I might like to use it for my writing. Not that I collaborate much (although the editing process is quite collaborative), but she thought the ability to keep distinct versions would be super helpful. While she was doing homework I thought …Read more »


It’s 2015! and I resolve to do several things in the next 365 days. I’m usually not one for New Years resolutions, but Debbie and I both have big goals for the year and I like the idea of setting down my intentions. The first one is the obvious one — Write! I don’t think I can write more than I do now — not while working 40 hours a week at a day job. NaNoWriMo near about killed me. This picture is of me and our cat Dagma during November. It was probably 5am — I’ve got a death …Read more »

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