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Violence in Gaming

I agree with Fox News: games are violent. Look at checkers or chess. Pieces are swept from the board, taken without warning and gone forever.  I knew there was a reason I hate checkers. Now I know why: the violence. I’m not a big fan of chess either. I hate it when my opponent messes up my beautiful plans by moving one of their pieces. How dare they, right? They should just pass their turn to me. Imagine that checkers or chess was made into a video game, and every time you took a marker or a chess piece you …Read more »


Some years I watch the Superbowl; some years I don’t, but I usually catch the commercials. It was an off year for me, but I “heard” about the Budweiser commercial “Brotherhood” from seeing tweets about it and how choked up people got by it. So I had to watch. It’s a beer commercial. It’s wrapped up in a narrative that’s supposed to tug at your heart, but it’s a beer commercial. But kudos to the ad agency that produced it because it is an excellent piece of propaganda. From choosing Stevie Nicks’ Landslide as the background song to the whole premise of the narrative, …Read more »

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