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the structure of love

the structure of love i remember your hands balancing my bike ride. those blunt fingers helping with my fractions. tacking a sailboat in a Cape Cod storm. taking my rook for checkmate. littering the kitchen table with the springs and gears of an old clock. a single finger tracing the path of the radiation therapy. the hand clutching my shirt, bringing me down to hear those last words i need a bedpan. your hand i held, watching your chest rise, counting the growing seconds between breaths. your hand held her hand when you cut the wedding cake. strong, sure fingers …Read more »

Ars Poetica

In high school I wrote bad poetry, lots and lots of bad poetry. The trend continued through my early years in college. I was lonely, so very lonely, and poetry made me feel better. And then I did a silly thing in 1987, I signed up for a poetry class.At that point I’d been writing — “writing” for over four years. But I figured, eh maybe this class will help me improve.   It is hard to explain exactly what Dr. Ron Moran’s class did to me. I went from banging stones together to creating music. In true Emily Dickinson …Read more »

Bone and Blood, part 1

This story begins with bone and blood. It’s only fitting to begin there because our world is littered with the bones of those who came before and the blood? Well, blood is the soul, isn’t it? It flows through you, and it flows through me and through all the Father’s creatures. Lys Rainwort went home to visit her parents. “Come home while you can, child,” her mother had written. “We want to see you.” Lys had just graduated, so the Order gave her leave for the visit. The journey from Lashand to Tremost had only taken two days because she …Read more »

Bone and Blood, part 2

Continued from Part 1…. Lys thought about it for a moment. You are going to have to explain to the Father Superior, so why not start practicing now? “I’ve discovered, at least I think I’ve discovered a miracle.” She paused and waited for the older woman’s reaction. “Huh. Is that a fact?” “Um, yes, you see I’ve discovered that animals have souls.” “Course they do! Stands to reason. You see a deer in the woods or a goose flying south for winter; they know what they’re about.” Lys raised her eyebrows. “You agree with me? I can’t believe it – …Read more »

How Many Golf Courses Are There in Katy, Texas?

Thank goodness for Google. I’m working on a sci-fi piece, and it’s set in the Houston area in 2006. I needed a golf course so I googled “Katy, Texas golf courses” Google didn’t let me down. And in case you’re curious, there are five.  Using the map feature I could look at the street layout and figure out what house I wanted for my character. With that figured out I happily went back to my story, only to be kicked out again a minutes later by the thought — but was the golf course there in 2006? Sigh. Back to Google …Read more »

Game Heroes

I love games — board games, tabletop games, console games and PC games. I’ve even played a round or two of Angry Birds. My heart belongs to RPGs, though. I love playing tabletop Dungeons and Dragons and console RPGs like the Mass Effect series. That’s because I want to be the hero. We’re all the hero of our own life story (even when we have an epic fail) but in games you get to be a real hero, thwarting the bad guys, saving the princess, and sometimes the world. I have to credit my partner, Debbie for getting me involved …Read more »

Animal Rights Books

We’ve been vegan for a year and a half now and I realized that I needed to educate myself about animal rights more. Before going vegan, I’d been a vegetarian for years and years and somehow, I just blocked out the suffering of the chickens and the cows who provided me with eggs and milk and cheese. So while I consider myself an ethical vegan and an animal activist, I don’t know my talking points well yet. Hence the stack of books in the living room. Our library has a good selection, and I figured checking them out before buying …Read more »

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