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Down the Tunnel of Doom

As we started to fall I thought to myself, Are you nuts? What if you die? I was pulled from that cheery thought by Terrem. He was giggling and struggling to leave my grip. “This is fun.” I whispered in his ear as I held him tighter. The ring was working; we were moving fairly slowly. Slow enough that Myntilly was able to catch up with us by flying. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sadi and Ian walking down the walls of the tunnel. Boots of Spider Climb — I should get some of those, I thought.

At Chez Vhalantru, Again

We bickered the whole way to Lord Vhalantru’s house: “You wanted to get the collar.” “No, I wanted to save the city. It’s not my fault that Molten Wing kicked our asses.” “We’ve lost valuable time. We don’t even know where Oblivion is.” “You can’t pin this one on me. Indira was the one who said ‘We know where the dragon is.’ La-la-la. Blah blah blah.” “What?” “Don’t try to deny this one, cleric. This is your fault!” “Um, no really, what did you say? I still can’t hear very well. What’s everyone saying?”

Our Date With a Dragon, part 2

Molten Wing snorted. “Your wit will not save you.” And he shot a line of fire so that it went between me and Myntilly. She sidestepped it easily. I took some of the flame damage as I tried to move out of the way. I heard Albion give a war cry and lunge at the dragon. The dragon spread his wings and flew over to the other side of the cavern. I saw a couple of arrows fly towards his head. Good old Sadi, at the ready! They missed his eyes, unfortunately.

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