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Our Date With a Dragon

We were at a crossroads. Literally. We could head back to Lord Vhalantru’s house in hopes of discovering where the beholder went or we could head to the warehouse district and down to the dragon. Time was short and we had to pick one. “Orbius, the beholder, is the bigger threat. We need to kill him.” Myntilly’s voice was firm. I shook my head. “But we don’t know where he is. We know where the dragon is.” “Yeah, who knows maybe we could trade with the dragon. Offer some treasure in return for the collar.” Sadi looked around to see …Read more »

First Impressions

Buzz slipped into the room. “Everybody wants to see you.” “By ‘everybody’ you mean….?” “Um, the goblins. They insist on seeing the shining one.” “Aw crap.” Ian threw up his hands. “What do we do?” “It’s OK. Let me think for a second…..” I paced the room. “OK. Got it!” I said a small prayer to Pelor and walked out to see the goblins.

First Meetings

Someone was kind enough to lay out a cleric’s robe in a dwarf size. I’m now about a foot shorter than I used to be. This body is strong but squat. I feel wider than I used to be and after looking in the mirror, I don’t think it’s psychosomatic. As I stared at my reflection, I tried to see me in those dark eyes. The face shook its head while the hands caressed the beard. “I have a lot to learn about this body.” And peeing standing up is probably the least of my troubles.

Meet Indira Burningwood, Dwarven Cleric

I remembered the beholder. Remembered the sunbeam spell and a moment of pure joy as the eye stalks shriveled from the damage. And then nothing. Until now. It was, it was not a bad awakening. I smelled lavender and heard my name as if from a distance. “Yah! What?” I tried to sit up and Ian was beside me. “Just breathe. Breathe. Mmmmmm. And release. Haaaaaaa. Relax, Indira. You’re safe.”

At the Temple of Pelor

I didn’t think I was going to be able to sneak away from the group. The dwarf guy, Albion, kept talking to me. All about how being a “Marked One” doesn’t mean he’s evil. How it’s not his fault. How he’s a good guy and on and on. I had the kid on one side of me and the dwarf on the other. The kid was talking nonstop. “I climbed that tree.” “I’m tired.” “Can I have ice cream?” The new mage was walking right behind me and making me feel nervous all over.

Morgan, part 2

Sadi reached for the door handle. “Wait!” I tried not to sound too desperate. “Wait. Slow down. Why open that door right now? You could wait for your friends, right? I’m sure dragon girl is wiping the blood off her big honking sword right now. Just, just give it a minute, OK?” She turned and looked at me. Her face looked blank. “But you’re all I need. You’re some awesome archmage, yeah? We can take a couple of game playing orcs.” She paused and leaned towards me . “Unless you’re afraid.”

Evidence…but what does it mean?

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