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Horns of a Dilemma

I dropped my pack to the ground. No one was listening to me. What a dilemma. I could totally go on my own. Make it to Cauldron. Get Indira back. Easy. But I’d be leaving the Divas without a healer. What would Indira do? I closed my eyes for a moment. The sounds of Ian and Sadi talking fading away. I’d seen Indira fight for what she believed in.


In the moments after Indira’s death, the beholder and his minion, Triple Tail vanished. I dropped to my knees. I’m ashamed to admit this but I was thankful to be alive. I had assumed that I’d be the next to die. It was easy to find Indira’s finger. The ring glinted in the light of the torches. At least I know, if we survive, that we can resurrect her. I can’t do it. I’m not powerful enough to work the spell but Kristoff or Jenya, they could do it for us. I wrapped the finger in a bit of linen …Read more »

The Death of Indira

As Indira stepped into the room, she was slammed by Triple Tail. Somehow he was levitating back and forth across the room. Or that damned beholder was doing it. Either way, not expected. He got a nice chomp on her shoulder as she moved past him. I’ve seen that look before — she wanted the beholder and nothing, not even some big ass lobstersaurus was gonna get in the way.

Beholders, Theory and Practice

There’s this thing you gotta know about beholders. They have this middle eye, the big one, and it sends out an anti-magic ray, like all the time. Sure they blink, or in theory, they blink, but I don’t think I’ve seen it happen. Not that I’d ever seen a beholder in person before today. But man, do I hear about them. Like at least once a week someone’s gotta talk about how their friend was turned to stone by a beholder. Snore. I mean it’s an exciting story, once. After a couple dozen recitations, well, it loses something.

Old Enemies, part 2

Down the hallway, past Khyron’s body we could see a glow. “They started early.” I heard Sadi murmur to herself. And then she said it again, louder. “We need to move. We’re a day behind them now.” She quickly gathered the group and we headed down the hall. As we turned a corner, we saw it. The Tree of Shackled Souls. The sight of the tree drove other thoughts from my mind. I’d heard about it for so long and the reality of it was so much worse than my imagination. I saw the dwarf Zenith in a cage on …Read more »

Old Enemies, part 1

When I heard the voice I knew it was Khyron. Before he’d even come through the door of the chamber, he was talking. Since Common is, at best, a challenging language for him, I’m surprised I understood any of it. “Ha! You Divas have tried to stop of the Thirteen. But they are too much intelligent and when you tried to attack, they decidedly begin early.” He stumbled into the chamber. His face was pale and glistening with sweat. Throwing off a geas is tough work but it looked like he was succeeding.

Diamonds Are a Cleric's Best Friend

I heard Buzz laugh and I turned to see Theresa drop a bundle into the lava. An intense squealing began and it seemed to last forever. “That was one tough guinea pig.” Buzz had awe in his voice. Myntilly and Durilin came running in. “What is that horrible noise?! Is everyone OK?” Myntilly’s eyes took in the scene and her eyes locked on me. She slowly walked towards me. “What. What happened to you? Your hair?….”

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