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Dungeon Locksmith

As the fight for the tower ended, we found ourselves beside a doorway. The doorway was filled with light. Almost sunlight in quality and I was drawn to it. We’d only been underground a few days, but my heart sang at the thought of sunlight. “We need to see where this passage leads.” I kept my voice firm and emotionless. I didn’t want anyone to know how much the light affected me.

Assassin's Tower

As we rounded a curve, going slowly of course with the siege engine, we saw a tower about 60 yards away. We stopped to discuss what to do next. Was it occupied? Armed? Abandoned? We decided to get closer. And to fire a siege blot at it. Why not cover our bets? As we got closer Durilin was talking about the stone work. “It looks good from here. Better than much of what we”ve seen so far. I think that”s a door. In the base. It”s got to be a door….. I want a closer look.” She hooked one leg …Read more »

Friendship Tea

“We don”t want to free Adimarchus either.” Myntilly lowered her hands. I put my mace on the ground. “You are bleeding pretty badly from that leg wound. I can heal that for you. My name is Indira.” “I am Rumonger. And yes, sun friend I would like to be healed.” As my hand touched his leg, I felt an electric vibration hit me. The last time I”d had that sensation was healing Kaurophon. This was an evil creature.

Surprise Visitors

Acgar walked over and reached a hand down to help me up. “Darkmantles. Kinda squishy but stubborn.” I pointed to her chest. “Is that one of them. What you’re wearing?” She laughed. “Yeah. One of them dropped on me and I thought ‘Hmm, bite.’ And it kinda draped over me like a poncho. Too bad the camouflage properties don’t continue after death. Otherwise these hides would be valuable.” “One bite? That’s all it took for you to beat…..” My voice trailed off.

The Divas Take on Darkmantles

Everyone agreed that Ian had a great idea. We piled into the cars. By chance Ian and I ended up together. “There’s no room for Brus.” “Sure there is. He’s not that big, Indira.” “Look, Durilin and Myntilly barely fit just the two of them. He won’t fit. He can walk along side.” Brus’ nose sniffed along the edges of the car and he thumped down and stretched his forelegs. “See? He agrees. No room.” I tried to find a clean spot to sit down. The cars had obviously been used to haul rock and ore and they were uniformly …Read more »

Dungeon Elevator

As we hurried down the hall, away from the light, I couldn’t get anyone to talk to me. “What’s going on? Aren’t we going the wrong way? What about the Fiery Sanctum?” Indira fell to the back of the group, waving her arms to make the others move faster. Sadi stayed behind, as always. “Dragon. Probably a big one and I don’t think we have the strength to take it on.” My mouth fell open in surprise. “A dragon? Like, a real live one. One that breathes fire?” Acgar was beside us. “Well, actually Buzz, in this case, yes. I’m …Read more »

And So We Arrive …. Only to Run Away

The heat was intense. Standing in the hallway and looking out at the Fiery Sanctum, the heat hit me in waves. The bubbling pools of lava and the islands of flame were intimidating. After the Farastu attack we rested. As we sat around, breaking our fast the next morning we discussed next moves. Down one hallway was a bright glowing light. The opposite way there were several doors we could try. “There might be treasure behind those doors.” Theresa smiled sheepishly. “Aye, or monsters. We might want to secure our retreat.” Durilin nodded in a satisfied way as if that …Read more »

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