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Farastu Attack!

We were still talking about the wish while walking back down the hall. Durilin and Ian stopped at a patch of rough stone. “Yes! You can still hear it!” Ian gestured for Sadi to come up beside him. “Do you hear it?” Sadi put her ear to the stone. Her face curled up. “It sounds like Obi drinking water.” Durilin nodded. “Oh yeah. I was thinking goats being milked, but the same concept.”

The Wish

It was a surreal moment — to peek through a doorway and see a guy banging away at a pipe organ. Blink. Realize that what he’s sitting on is a stuffed dwarf, a real live, dead dwarf. Blink. And the new girl, the dwarf, is running screaming at the organ guy. Yeah, she made short (ha!) work of that guy. Note to self: don’t make furniture out of dwarves. Not if you want a long, happy life.

Swords and Near Death

I opened my eyes. I had blood on my hands and no idea why. I looked a little past my hands and saw the body of a minotaur. I raised my head and looked at Acgar. “Hello. Are you back with us?” I frowned. “What do you mean? Back where?” “Oh dear. You missed all of that, did you?” A smile played across her lips.

The Fiery Sanctum

With some help from Nick Hartell, the geologist at Blue Crater Academy, we thought we’d pinpointed the site for the Fiery Sanctum. The only problem: it seemed to be at the bottom of the lake in the center of Cauldron. I wasn’t quite feeling myself, so I’m not sure who suggested that we ask a goblin to help us out, but we talked with the leader of the goblin tribe.

In Which Indira is Possessed

I don”t have much time because I”m pretty sure she”s just about found her way back. So… I guess I”ll try and stick to the important details. You can call me Pel if you want a name. That”s what the Divas did. <img class="alignleft size-full wp-i mage-1012″ title=”comet” src=”” alt=”comet” width=”122″ height=”162″ />I was out playing with some of the other guys in the rougher areas that surrounded my solar home. We were riding some of the smaller, safer, solar waves and having a good time.

Lava in the Streets

As we rounded a corner, so close to our destination, we discovered that lava had bubbled up and flowed into the street. The heat coming off it was amazing. At first all I could think of was how tired I was. We”d had a busy morning already. And then I realized that there were people on the lava flow! We had to rescue them.

Meeting Minutes – Thirteen Summit

online essay writer h2>Minutes from the Thirteen Summit Location: House Rhiavadi Present: Thirfane Rhiavadi, Khyron Bonesworn, Thearynn Louvel, Gau Kleeoch, Nabthatoron, Kaurophon, Zarn Kyass, Ssythar Nahazir, Shebeleth Regidin, Nulin Wiejeron, Kyann Winterstrike Absent: Dyr'ryd, Alurad Sozizan, Skaven Umbermead, Fetor Abradius, Embril Aloustinai, Oskar Vhalantru Minutes submitted by: Kaurophon Introduction Thirfane began the Summit with a fine dinner. During this time, Cagewright members were introduced to one another and discussed their roles in the organization.

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