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Skylar Krewis met us at the jailhouse door with a mask over his face. The smell hit me as he spoke. “It’s the goblins. They’re just so… rank. I don’t know if we’ll ever get the smell out.” I tried to smile through the stench in my nostrils. “It’s wonderful to see you, Sergeant Krewis. Is Quinlan in?” “No, Miss Indira. These earthquakes. He’s out with a crew in the North quad.” He shook his head. “It’s not his job, but he feels this need to be in the thick of it.” I murmured agreement. Myntilly cleared her throat. “Sergeant, …Read more »

Report # 1 From Double Agent Khyron Boneswear

Author’s Note: Khyron Boneswear (cleric of Nerul) speaks an archaic form of Infernal. This is Myntilly’s best translation of his words….. Miserable Divas, does Khyron follow your directives, but he is not your friend. You this provided information because I have been compelled to make thus. The Whole-Powerfully Thirteen and Just begins ritual to break your small world separate. Fast, strong nature will enter and destroy, and you can do nothing. Now, half the Thirteen is in fervid charms of holy configuration at the Fiery Sanctum that will open the gate from Carceri to Cauldron. The other half is in …Read more »

In Which We Impersonate Nuns

Sitting around the table at Rumbleguts, surrounded by the crumbs of breakfast (the service does leave something to be desired) Ian said, “It’s about time we were heading back. I mean, (he looked around the table) I think we could head back. We did what we came to do.” Before I could open my mouth, Acgar spoke. “We did find the mayor and we now know that Vhalantru is not Vhalantru, but there is still, as I’m sure Indira was about to say, the matter of Embril.” “Yes. Yes, thank you, Acgar.” I gave her a long look. Why was …Read more »

Death & Destruction at the Lotus Dragon

After the fight upstairs, I went down the rope to tell Buzz what had happened. I’m not real good when it comes to climbing and I got tangled, slipped and knocked myself out. Buzz told me later that he went to tell the others and found a fight going on. “I came through the curtains and there was everybody. This door was open and there were swinging swords in the doorway. It was a pretty sweet little trap. Any other time and I would have been studying it. You know, to understand how to disarm it.

Gau Kleeoch Reports to Thirteen

To: The Thirteen From: Gau Kleeoch, Master Trainer and Security Chief Re: Divas” Exploits At our next summit, we must discuss the troublesome Divas. It is time they were eliminated. Kaurophon succeeded in luring them to Occipitus, but < a href=”″>failed in his major tasks. The Divas did not falter on the evil plane, passed the tests, and became heirs to Adimarchus” realm. This is most unsatisfactory. Under orders from Orbius, Ike hired the best assassins in Cauldron. These assassins studied the Divas and their strategies and lay in wait for the perfect opportunity. Miraculously, the Divas survived this attempt …Read more »

&quot;Shoot the Gasping Dying&quot;

We decided to split up. Acgar and I took some rope and Myntilly”s grappling hook and went back to the front entrance. There were holes in the ceiling and we thought to surprise and flank any enemies who would be expecting us to go up the stairs. Brus, Ian, Myntilly and Sadi went up the stairs.

At the Sign of the Lotus Dragon

We had an idea about where the Mayor had been, thanks to Various” locate person spell. We had to take the vaporetto to the next island. When we”d asked Rumbleguts about the area, he”d simply shaken his head and said, “Not an area I”d go. Not without about a dozen strong men.” Brus seemed to enjoy the ride. He got to sit up in the cabin with the captain. Buzz went upstairs too. I was happy to stay safely in the middle of the boat.

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