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Upstairs at Chez Vhalantru

After the battle with the beholderkin, we searched the cellar. Sadi called from the far corner. “I think I found our guy.” She pointed at a skeleton with the large “V” shaped pendant around his neck. Acgar hurried over. “Yes, the clothes are about right for the time period. It’s hard, at this juncture, to say what killed him exactly. What we need–” Sadi grabbed the necklace and yanked. “This is what we need right now.” “Let’s check the upstairs, OK?” I headed up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, we saw 5 doors. One on the left …Read more »

Sasserine, the Big City

Our arrival in Sasserine was fairly uneventful. Ian and the animals arrived separately. He used a special “travel by tree” spell that only druids know. It saved us from buying another scroll, so I didn’t argue. He assured us that the costal Cotter pine is all over Sasserine. when we arrived, dead on target (thank you, Myntilly!), the first thing Sadi said is “There are no trees.” I looked around. “There are trees over there.” Buzz pointed behind us, over the water to the opposite shore. ” Acgar asked, in a serious tone, “Can camels swim?”

Tea With the Vanderbornes

When I saw Mrs. Vanderborne in such a fine gown, I felt woefully underdressed. I had donned by nicest tabard, the one with the golden sun stitched on the front. It was shabby in comparison to our hosts. The Vanderbornes had asked us to stop b so they could thank us for recovering Todd’s body. “It was really Acgar that deserves the thanks,” I told Mr. Vanderborne as he poured tea.

On Being a "Person of Interest" to the Cauldron Police

As we approached the gates of Cauldron, I had some anxiety. We had left without seeing the Jasidian temple or hearing any reaction from the Hearld. Now that a few days had passed, what was the mood of the city? It was mostly an uneventful journey from Kingfisher Hollow to Cauldron. Except that at one point, when we were almost to Cauldron, the earth gave a sudden heave and several of us were knocked off our feet.

Geas for Khyron Bonesworn

As the words began to tumble out of the cleric’s mouth, my blood ran cold. The words rasped from his throat. “What’s he saying?!” I hurriedly asked Myntilly. She’d cast comprehend language before I revived him. “It seems to be Infernal.” She paused. “But it’s strange. Archaic….” She cocked her head and her eyes grew wide. “Shut him up! Shut him up!” Her words got us moving. I was running for my spell book. My mind was a whirl. “Silence spell? Hold Person? What could I do?”

Nerull, Foe of All Good

As the battle of the bones ended, I walked up to the prone body of the cleric. Sadi had done a great job of putting arrows in him. I could tell he was bleeding out so I knelt and stabilized him. By the scar on his face, a patch of melted skin, I knew this was the man that Fario & Felian had pursued into the jungle. He wore the symbol of Nerull on his chest. I felt a moment of dizziness: for just a second he looked like my sister Persia.

Death Gaze

*Guess who forgot her camera last Wednesday. The cell phone pictures are fine for Twitpics, not really worthy of the blog, though.* Fario and Felian, the half-elf brothers, decided to join us deeper in the jungle, in pursuit of the undead and the cleric with the scar. As we walked along, Fario told us that Merthan, the leader of the Striders of Fharlanghn, had arrived in Kingfisher Hollow. It will be good to compare notes back at MacTavicks. It seems that the Striders are also searching for the Thirteen.

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