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Kingfisher Hollow, Undead Infestation

It felt good to get out of Cauldron. It’s been a busy couple of days, what with assassination attempts, arson and jail time. It’s good to be on the road again. According to the Herald, Kingfisher Hollow is having serious undead issues. Although I wouldn’t admit this to my friends, I’m thankful to have a chance to smite some undead. I have felt a disconnect with Pelor and doing his good work will, I hope, bring me back into his full light. Kingfisher Hollow is Ian’s hometown — we promised to help him. And we had a chance almost immediately. …Read more »

To the Jailhouse

I hope the Cauldron Herald doesn’t get a hold of this story. What would my father think? A Burningwood with a police record? We had no trouble slipping away from the fire last night. I had my hat of disguise and Myntilly went invisible. In the morning, after a successful Solstice ritual, we talked over our options. As we ate our oatmeal and fresh baked bread, the new edition of the Herald was delivered. Acgar had that look on her face as she opened the paper. “I wonder if you made headlines.”

[meta] Better Living Through Chemistry

Wednesday night was the big night. We set fire to the Temple of Wee Jas. Here”s a picture , or a line up, of the culprits for this deed. It was a cool night and a little rainy so we bundled up. A few of us had our safety goggles on early, but why not be safe? Taj, the help of her husband Jim, spent about 21 hours lovingly crafting the temple.


Once we had secured the ground floor of the temple and secured our prisoner, we stopped for a moment. My hat of disguise had fallen off in battle. I swept it off the floor and put it on. “OK,” I growled in my half-orc voice, “What’s next? Where do we put the aluminum?” Acgar raised her hands. “You don’t know if there are other people in here. You’re just going to blow this place up without checking for innocent lives?! Who are you? I really wonder,” she turned to the others, “I really wonder sometimes if this is really Indira.” …Read more »

Mud Bath, Blood Bath

(Not pictured: Sadi who was up on the balcony and Acgar who was graciously coming to help us even though she disagrees with what we’re doing.) I bellowed in triumph, knowing that we would prevail against these foes. Thanks to god and my friends, we were winning this unexpected battle. Various had blinded a few of the guards. Myntilly threw orb after orb of acid at the one standing giant. Ian and Brus took on a couple of the guards. Qwerty was trying to distract the giant with jokes.

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