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Journal of Modern Alchemy, Volume XXVI, Number 8

A Comparative Study of Catalytic Ignition Methods for Single Replacement Reactions Vortimax Weer Abstract: In this study, a new ignition method for catalyzing the reaction betwe en powdered aluminum and ferric oxide was tested, lightning bolt. Lightning bolt proves to be successful in creating comparable values to other ignition methods of all three metrics: reaction temperatures, quantity of melted stone, and completion of reaction. Introduction: The reaction between powdered aluminum (Al) and ferric oxide (Fe2O3) is commonly known as a thermite reaction1. This is a single replacement reaction, where aluminum is oxidized and iron is reduced. Great quantities of heat …Read more »

Inside the Temple of Wee Jas

“Who has the hat of disguise?” I raised my hand. “Good,” said Myntilly, “let’s use that to bluff the guards .” We made our way through the streets of Cauldron, heading to the Jasidian temple. We discussed strategy on the way. The group hung back. I donned the hat and Myntilly cast disguise on herself. “Second shift! Here’s your relief come at last.” We climbed the steps to stand beside the half-orc guards. “We’re not getting relieved. Are we?” One guard turned to the other.

Preparation for Our Night's Work

We expected a few guards to be inside the Jasidian temple the night before Solstice. We didn’t expect six guards and two stone giants. It was a great plan — a quick disguise to fool the two half-orcs out front of the temple and then, bam! we’re inside. The first part was fine; we just hadn’t planned on six more guards and the giants. I’ll begin at the beginning.

New D&D Miniature, thanks to Jack!

My friend Jack is an amazing painter. Here is a look at my new Indira mini, thanks to his handiwork. She is a righteous cleric of Pelor and I could not be happier.

Interrogation, Then Reincarnation

“I have some good news and I have some great news.” That’s what I said to Buzz when he woke up after his reincarnation. “The good news? You’re alive. The better news is you’re gonna live a long time.” Then I handed him a mirror so he could see his new Elven reflection. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Cauldron Herald, June 19 Issue

The volcano is dormant, but the news never sleeps… <img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-568" title="dscn00171" src="×150.jpg" alt="dscn00171" width="150" height=”150″ />Is Dyskko Dead? Popular Storyteller Last Seen Battling Assassins Halfling bard, heroic storyteller, and local adventurer, Dyskko performed last night at the Brass Trumpet. This picture, taken by a fleeing fan, shows Dyskko in melee with a sorcerer assassin. Just after this picture was taken, there was “a large flash of light” coupled with an “ear-splitting clap of thunder.” Dyskko collapsed on the ground, his hair and characteristic orange shirt smoldering.

Back From The Brink

What I will relate here was told to me later or witnessed by me once I was revived by Sadi. This is a picture of the first assassin taken by the Brass Trumpet security camera as she entered the club. There were four assassins in all. Two were strictly hack and slash types like the one that almost killed me and the one that almost killed Acgar. There was also two spell casters: the red-haired lady and the sorcerer dressed like a sailor. I’ll probably never know which one killed Buzz. As battle heated up, BrĂ¼s rushed in against the …Read more »

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