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Trouble at the Trumpet

Once we were away from the city gates, no one paid us any attention. We found our friends happily eating and drinking at the Coy Nixie. “Well,” said Acgar as we sat down, “Various is in the stew. Of course they noticed her smoking eye and they tried to arrest her.” Cinder put her hand to her head with an audible smack. “OK. Great. Where are they holding her?” “No, they tried to arrest her. She got away. Sort of.”

Cauldron Herald, June 18 issue

The volcano is dormant, but the news never sleeps… <img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-457" src="×150.jpg" alt="squadronsubdue2" width="150" height=" 150″ />Madman Quelled by Security Platoon Your Taxes at Work A local mill worker, James Vaine, is accused of illegal enchantments and disturbing the peace. Late last night, he ran around the streets yelling incomprehensible words. Some of the people affected started a brawl, while others ran away in fear. The mayhem was roughly ended by Cauldron’s latest advance, a Security Platoon. Security Platoons have been sponsored by the recent increase in taxes throughout Cauldron. These Security Platoons are in response to several …Read more »

At Cauldron's Gate

Everyone expects Indira to be cheerful, helpful and patient. So why do I feel like screaming? I can’t get this image out of my head: me pushing Zallie to the side and leaning down with my hand outstretched to Kaurophon. I truly wanted to help him. In that moment I still could not see his true aims. What does that say about me? Ever since I all but touched the black stone, I have felt…. odd.

All Hail the Queen of Occipitus!

Tonight I need solitude. After a long soak at the bathhouse, I gave Mickey Mac some extra silver for my own room. I need quiet. There is enough noise in my head; I don’t need people to add to it. As I passed through the common room I heard Various telling the story to a group of strangers. Somewhere she’d found or been given a paper crown. It clung to the back of her head, ready to fall the next time she threw her head back to laugh. Yes, let’s all hail the queen, the crazy queen.

Gather ye round for a tale…

Drinks are on me! I do love a fine dwarfen stout, so long as there is a good story to go with it! Ah, yes… a story. Well, here’s mine… though it isn’t much. Well, my earliest recollection is of being in the Theocracy of the Pale, a land that is not very kind to those who are not boot-lickers of Pholtus (**spits**). I somehow managed to get in with a group of adventurers who, not knowing who I was any more than I did, were kind enough to let me help them remove the Swampwood curse. That was some …Read more »

Altars and Stones

After the first golem shattered and fell, there was a break in the battle. Off to my left I heard three voices. Kaurophon, Myntilly and I assumed, the new elf, Various. Kaurophon was saying “Don’t touch it.” “Wait! Wait! Wait!” Myntilly’s voice. “Oh, don’t be so childish. I know what I’m……” The voice trailed away. I couldn’t spare time to wonder at the argument. The second golem was still up and swinging. The little guy and the bear were getting tired. I understood how they felt. This was the third battle of the day for us. Black dragon, fire giant …Read more »

Unexpected Friends

As we rounded a corner, still arguing with Kaurophon about the tiger, Cinder held up her hand. “Hush! I hear something.” She crept up to the next turn in the tunnel. She paused and waved us forward. “Little guy, big bear. Fighting two golems.” She touched the brooch at her throat. “Do you remember Tarkelar? I got this brooch — ” She was interrupted by a strange voice. “Are you quite sure they are golems? Let me through. I would look at them.” A strange elf pushed past me and stood beside Cinder. After a moment she turned around. “Oh. …Read more »

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