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Across the Plane of Ulcers

The lantern burned bright and all day we followed its shining beam until we came to the Plane of Ulcers. The air was heavy with the stench of acid. Some pools were tiny and others huge and all of them bubbled and steamed.

Second Watch

After we were transported to the forest from the Plane of Cysts, Myntilly cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut and we all clambered inside. Everyone picked a spot and stretched out. I stood watch for those first two hours. The trees seemed to sway and

[meta] The OTHER Guy

You’ve heard about Tad. But the Divas actually have two guys who hang out with us. Jack (pictured here with Susan and her knitting) usually hangs out for awhile with us. He’s a great guy. To my knowledge we’ve never gotten him to play with us, but maybe one day he’ll break down.

[meta] Meet the new guy

So, meet the new guy. Yeah, guy. His name is Tad and this is a crappy picture of him. I know what you”re thinking — The Dungeon Divas let a guy play with them? It all started innocently.

The Second Test of Resolve

It was in an uneasy silence that we journeyed to the Field of Cysts, where the test of Resolve would take place. No one, except Alek felt very optimistic. Kaurophon was rightly quiet. Acgar perhaps thinking of her own place as a somewhat outsider. Sadi, Cinder, Myntilly….. I don’t know, can’t imagine their thoughts. For me, I’d gone from total certainty that Kaurophon had to go to believing that his very soul was at stake. I feel like I’ve betrayed everyone.

Doubt Among the Divas

posted by Kaurophon During the Test of Judgment, the Divas fought against the bebilith, and I could only watch from the doorway. I made several attempts to enter the chamber and fight by their sides, and every time, I was instantly teleported out of the roomAqua Run 52.

The First Test of Resolve

The second part of the Test of the Smoking Eye is the test of Resolve. As we left the room with the bridges, the mummy popped up again. He said “Attend to the wisdom of Adimarchus! Always deal with rivals first, and enemies second. This lantern shall guide you to the second test: The Test of Resolve.”

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