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Drider Encounter

We approached the Cathedral of Feathers. Kaurophon told us a little of its history. As we stepped on to the ground surrounding the cathedral, I felt a tension ease from my body. I could see the others felt the same. Kaurophon, on the other hand, winced. He climbed the steps to the front doors. “The goodness of this place,” he said. “You feel it, don’t you? It is an actual piece of Celestia here. The whole Cathedral itself transported here.”

Kaurophon the Believer

personal essay nother dream… I am surrounded by angels. Their white wings are difficult to see against the white walls of the cathedral. Colored light streams in through the giant stained glass windows. More angels stand in front of me. They part and a shining angel passes through them. Her eyes are fixed upon me as she begins to speak.

Plane shift

I never expected to find myself on an evil plane with an evil ally. Kaurophon says he”s done with evil, maybe a tall task for a demon (ok, half demon), but Acgar and I both believe him. I also never expected to hold Alek”s life in my hands. When I think back to the first time I heard Jenya talk about him, I remember the jealousy that bubbled up in my heart. And here I am kneeling beside him, healing his wounds.

Your Enemy's Enemy

Again, the dream… My mother screaming, pulling her hair, and scratching at her face. My father, holding her shoulders, earnestly speaking. Me, screaming nonsense, hoping the madness will stop. My mother taking a burning log from the fire, screaming at my father, using the log as a mace to hit him again and again, as she curses him.

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