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Through the Looking Glass

When Myntilly woke up this morning, she came over to me with a smile on her face. “I had a dream last night. Pelor came to me and told me that he has a special task for me! I feel warm inside, like I am a favored soul.” I gave her a hug and we looked through my spell books because now that she”s accepted Pelor into her life, some of these divine spells make sense to her. No more just an arcane spell caster, she is touched by the divine light of Pelor. I am honored to bear witness …Read more »

Mayoral Race Too Close to Call

Ten days after polls have closed, the mayoral race remains too close to call. Using pink to color the districts challenger Elvis Krylscar has won, green to color the districts incumbent Severen Navalant has won, and yellow for those yet undecided, an electoral map of Cauldron resembles a dartboard.

Mayoral Election a Study in Pink vs. Green

With just hours to go before ballots are counted, the mayoral race is headed toward its conlcusion.

Fire Giant Returns for Round Two

The voice that floated out of the mist was an answer to an unspoken prayer. There we were — freshly ambushed by the Fire Giant. I”d just given every ounce of my energy towards healing Myntilly. She”d been grievously wounded in the Giant”s new attack. I felt like a frightened little girl, casting obscuring mist the moment I realized that the Giant was walking through the door.

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