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Riots in Cauldron!

An Excerpt from the Explorers’ Society Pages Volume XVII, Number 6 Letters From the Field There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. It started as a simple demonstration. Citizens proclaiming their right to free assembly and right to free speech. What a field-day for the heat. A thousand people in the street. Young people speaking their minds. Singing songs and carrying signs. Mostly say, hooray for our side.


I miss Ilyea as much as anyone. To see her there among the statues in the Mayor”s garden is sad. So I wanted to say “yes” before Elvis even finished asking me to read a scroll of dispell magic. But Sadi on one side of me and Cinder on the other, argued forcefully that we not try to free her, not like this. I”ve never had such a night! We spent hours going back and forth about what to do. Sadi kept on saying “We”re not politicians.” And Cinder kept saying “Not in front of a crowd.” And Acgar kept …Read more »

[meta] The Story of Orak's Bathhouse

So here’s the story of Orak’s Bathhouse. It started one of the first game nights when the heroes had used a lot of their daily powers and it was only early afternoon. The Divas felt their characters needed to rest before going on in the adventure, but it was really too early to go to sleep.

Under Cauldron

I”m just thankful that I wasn”t wearing my dress robes. The rooms below Orak”s Bath House are filthy and wretched beyond imagining. The stench is eye-watering, paint-strippingly powerful. It”s thanks to that little scrap of paper that I find myself here. Hero of the city. I should be relaxing in a hot bath but I”m bashing little goblins in ankle-deep muck. If my father could see me now…

Lucky Monkey and Beyond

Why is this half-elf so angry? I asked myself that same question when I spied Felian at the Lucky monkey. Didn”t we help her out of a tight spot at the Dixie Mattress Company? Didn”t we help reclaim this very inn? Where”s the gratitude?

Near Death Experience

The streets of Cauldron are not safe. I”m not naive enough to have just discovered this, and yet for evil to walk the streets with impunity…. Sadi thinks faster than I do. When she saw the two figures with painted Yin-Yang faces strolling down the street, she stepped in front of them.

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