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Into the UnderDark

My people are a desert people. What do I know of the dark damp places of the world? Pelor”s hand has brought me here and he must have a purpose. Something, some act that will bring light to the darkness. When I saw the frog creature in the boat, I said a quiet prayer for guidance. The half-orcs wanted to kill him. They distrusted and they were right. I have been too quick to ignore them. I will hear their council from now on.

Dyskko Reports to the Mayor

To: Lord Mayor Severen Navalant of Cauldron From: Your Trusted Envoy Dyskko Re: Dungeon Divas My Dear Lord Mayor, I write you from the wilderness beyond Cauldron. Traveling with the Dungeon Divas has been full of adventure. We have recently heard tell of an area known as The Pit of Seven Jaws where we will head tomorrow morning. My excitement to actually see this legendary place led me to great storytelling earlier this evening, and I will relate some of the myths about this place to you now.

Icy Dream of Death

I felt the cold like a thousand needles. The pain was unimaginable. I opened my mouth to scream and I couldn’t make a sound. My tongue was frozen. I woke thrashing and moaning. How embarrassing. A nightmare. But I can’t believe it was a dream. Truly, it was too real, too visceral. I remember us breaking camp the morning after the dragon. Dyssko with that odd brush for his teeth; Lady Livia saying her morning prayers….

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