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We left Cauldron, headed to an X on a map. “We”ve heard that a man named Crazy Jared knows a path into the Underdark. His hut should be about here.” No one mentioned the dragon. We came over the crest of a hill. Below us was a round hut, surrounded by thatched walls. Crazy Jared”s place, just where Celeste said it would be. As we watched, though, a dragon swooped in and set fire to the hut! We saw a man come scrambling from the hut and begin yelling and jumping around. Acgar and I both spurred our horses down …Read more »

The Rise and Fall of Dyskko

It all started so innocently. I was entertaining at a small club in Cauldron, The Broken Drum. I had a simple act and the public loved it. Dancing lights sent multiple colors throughout the club, light cast on a large stone sent rays of pale sunshine to every corner. Ghost sound allowed me to make the music.

[meta] Death on a Dixie Cup

I”ll always remember my first dragon. He was young and red and pissed. I had this feeling that Wednesday night would be special. When the dragon appeared I thought, “Oh. Ok, it”s a dragon!” As you can see in the picture, he needed a height advantage over us. Dixie Cup to the rescue.

The Cusp of Sunrise

Celeste was pretty clear about the dress code when she handed Myntilly the invitation to The Cusp of Sunrise. Lucky for us, some people paid attention. Wow, what a swanky place. It reminds very much of my father”s club back home. Women were allowed in the front part of his club and he would take me there for dinner sometimes. God, but it was boring sitting there listening to his business partners drone on about imports and exports. The Cusp of Sunrise was anything but boring.

Creature Crushes Cauldron, Divas Delay Destruction

An Excerpt from the Explorers’ Society Pages Volume XVII, Number 3 Letters From the Field I write you from the City of Cauldron. Recently, I have gained the employ of Mayor Severen Navalant, who wishes me to report on the happenings in his fair city. He connected me with an adventuring group, the Dungeon Divas. Together we will roam the area, seeking adventure and fame.

Chaos in Cauldron

We turned on to Obsidian Avenue, heading the the Slippery Eel. The street seemed quiet. Townspeople walking along. Suddenly the ground began to shake. A building up ahead seemed to crumble and out stepped a nightmare.

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