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Closer to Our Goal

We lack only one wand now. Victory is near! I can see us striding through the gates of Cauldron, triumphant! And then I remember what we have lost here under Cauldron. Myntilly thinks that we can bring Sadi”s soul back to us with a druidic spell.

Rest in Peace, Sadi

I had thought that we were heading into a deeper darkness; for Sadi it is ultimate darkness. There is nothing that any of us could have done. The monster was huge and fast! Even now I”m not sure I have the words. One moment she was there,

Deeper into the Darkness

Pelor is good; Tirel is dead. The rest of our night, after the epic battle with the sea monster, was quiet. In the morning our prisoner, Buzz (he is the sole survivor of Acgar”s acid breath attack from last night) helped us plan our next moves. I feel that he is trustworthy. Following his directions, we very quickly found ourselves outside or Tirel”s bedroom.

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