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Sea Monster

Have I ever been so bone-weary tired? At the end of my watch, first watch of the night, Cinder relieved me and I had just closed my eyes when the ropes that control the cable car began to turn. What?!!? We all got to our feet in confusion. My first thought was that Tirel was escaping.

[meta] Things that go BUMP in the night

The Divas like to celebrate. It was Debbie”s birthday and we planned to celebrate! I made lemon cupcakes and Taj made brownies. Yum. I was also really looking forward to the game. I am so ready to mix it up with Tirel and try my hand at turning undead. The night didn”t go as planned.

Trailing Tirel, the red-haired woman

As you can imagine, after the duel the wedding broke up pretty quickly. Sadi was just having fun with that Todd guy. Until he drew blood. I think her tolerance for rich kids is on par with my tolerance for evil. We found ourselves outside The Coy Nixie (and no, I don”t know what a nixie is). Skye told us that Tirel had been seen there. We hesitated about going in — the place seems to be owned by Todd”s father and we didn”t know if news of the duel had reached here yet. Trusting our hero”s luck, we stepped …Read more »

The wedding

I always cry at weddings. It”s silly, especially considering how little we know Haley & Gryffon. But they are a handsome couple, obviously in love and if not for us, they wouldn”t be here today. Good reasons to cry, I guess. It was a lovely affair. Good cake. Big crowd! I don”t know when I last saw this many people. We figured that we might be able to spread out and mingle. Maybe get some information from the locals. Myntilly saw the mayor. She obviously made an impression on him — he grabbed her elbow and started introducing her around.

Lost Cause

We”ll never know if it was a lost cause. Was Sarashem dead before we even got to the Lucky Monkey tavern? My heart says yes. We found his head there among the loot. The loot that the ape-man was pawing through when we got there. I don”t think he had time during our melee to decapitate Sarashem. I”ll be haunted by the sight of those bare feet sticking out from behind the smashed beer barrel. Oh god, pulling on the ankles. The moment I touched him, I knew he was dead, but headless. I”ve never seen such horror. I”m glad …Read more »

Flood Festival

The Flood Festival. I fear it. Sarashem was bringing back eight wands of control water to help keep the lake waters from flooding the town. That has to be why he was ambushed at the Lucky Monkey. It must all fit together somehow! The kidnappings (that beholder!), the gangs, the wands and the return of Tearelle. We’ve heard rumors that someone is trying to make a portal to Carceri…..

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