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Trouble at the Tavern

I have sinned. The moment I opened the kitchen door I realized it. Perhaps the monkey screams brought me to my senses. How could I lose sight of my purpose? What blood lust possessed me to pursue the ape-man when my duties are always to the health of others. When I peered through the window and saw the ape-man gloating over his treasures, it”s like all else fell away.

Behold the Beholder!!!

I am burdened with sorrow and guilt. We rescued the children — well, three of them — but at what price? I had my disagreements with Ilea, but for all that, she was a good friend and a fearless Paladin. Do you think she can hear us from her prison of stone? ****** Maple, one of the halfling prisoners, told us confidently that she could lead us to the cells. She had always been blindfolded, but with eyes closed, she could lead the way. Ilea, in tiger form, padded beside her — ever vigilant, ever protective.

Crossroads: Save the Kids or Find the Boss?

After we caught our breath from the grappling chain, we had to decide where to go next…… One door smelled of rotten meat. Two had sounds of running water. One had sounds of activity. We picked that one. You may remember that Mintilly threw Ilea’s lighted belt down the hall. Then she did it again. After the second throw, she ran (literally) into a trap and fell on a bunch of spikes.

At the sign of the Dixie

We wondered, after we had rescued Starbrow, we wondered where that hole in the ceiling might lead. Sadi, whose sense of direction is excellent, thought it was probably inside a shop across from Keegan’s. We would have to do some daylight reconnaissance. It seemed pretty obvious that it wasn’t the dress shop or the bakery. It must be the dusty, darkened shop with barred windows. The faded letters on the glass say: “Dixie atress Comp”.

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