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I have been reluctant to talk about myself, about my past, with my new friends. I don’t know why. I haven’t done anything wrong. I am not my father; his actions are not my actions. Part of my reluctance is the painful memories. When I think about my brother, I still feel the grief as if I were once again a child in the caravan. Ahmad’s death hit us hard, but I couldn’t imagine that it would destroy our family.

Cinder's Plea: Fleeting Thoughts on Vanishing

Hi Everyone, So, I can’t get our adventure off my mind, and I thought while we are all standing here in this little room underground we could take a moment and talk about our situation and maybe come up with a plan. I don’t know if it’s a side effect from my translucent condition, but I’m in a contemplative mood and feel a need to talk. The prevention of any of us gradually vanishing has become a priority in my mind, probably because that appears to be my own trajectory at the moment. I think what has me so worried …Read more »

Chapter One recap, part 3

Into Jzadirune!We entered the underground city of Jzadirune that same night. I don’t know if everyone was as worried about invisible guards as I was. What had Keegan called them? “Skulks”? The perfect word for them. We didn’t delve too deeply before we realized we needed rest and supplies — Jzadirune is a full city underground. Once we’d rested and equipped, we headed down again. There were freshly made tunnels. Again, the Skulks were on our minds — I did not want to duck-walk through some tunnel only to be attacked by invisible creatures with wicked blades and I know …Read more »

Chapter One recap, part 2

It was late when we got to Keegan’s locksmith shop. We didn’t think we had time to wait. The kidnappers had a full day’s lead. Getting inside his shop was relatively easy. Finding answers was not. Keegan planted himself behind his counter, in front of a curtain. He was brusque. He was not about to tell us anything. We needed to get behind that curtain. We needed a diversion.In the guise of warming her hands at the fire, Myntilly thoughtfully set her own cloak on fire. Suddenly we all panicked. Myntilly artfully fanned the small flame as she appeared to …Read more »

Chapter One recap, part 1

Now that we are at the end of our first adventure (or perhaps I should say that we have ended a chapter of this story) I want to go back and wrap up the events that led us here. I joined this band in a little town on the edge of nowhere. The local folks (including an acquaintance of mine, the innkeeper, Frida) were nervous about a stranger who”d moved to the town. Strange lights, strange sounds, strange faces surrounded his house. The group lacked a main healer, so I joined up. It didn”t take us long to discover the …Read more »

My Past

In his later years my father became a rich man. His friends would slap him on the back, wink at me and say “Gold sticks to your father’s fingers; you are a lucky girl!” I was happier when we were poor. The long dusty days of walking behind the wagon, my sister, Persia, and I talking and laughing. My father was a rug salesman, a traveling rug salesman — the lowest rung on the ladder. I remember the laughter and the singing. I was eight when my brother Ahmad was born. He was early — we were far from a …Read more »

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